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Heritage and tranquility for your family

We validate the identity of Mexican citizens for estate preparation and peace of mind. We accomplish this through individual review of personal data in Mexican government systems.

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Our experience tells us that five out of ten citizens have errors in:

Birth certificate
Voting card

hindering the obtaining of immigration and social security or retirement documents. Click on the link to see an example of this person who had 3 CURPs.


At Profundiza we work in synergy with Supporto, a Mexican company, to obtain information, review and deliver results. Finishing the process with the design of a strategy that finds solutions.

Each case is unique and our experience has led us to connect and implement within our processes the commitment to treat each case individually and exclusively.

Our studio

It has a cost of $250 where we deliver the result of the study and the real evidence of your data registered in the Mexican government institutes and systems involved.

If we find anomalies in the registered information, we will propose solutions and the agency to correct them without your presence in Mexico, as well as the price of said inconsistencies. Click on the link to see an example of how detailed and individual we handle your case.

Did you know?

Once your personal information has been arranged in all Mexican institutions, now we could guide you to manage your retirement strategy or plan.

¿Sabías que aunque estes fuera de México podrías ayudar a tu familia en México para darles los beneficios de seguridad social y atención médica?

¿Sabías que puedes recuperar tus derechos y obtener pensión más retiro de AFORE

¿Sabías que aunque estes fuera del país podrías obtener los recursos del INFONAVIT?

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