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Maximize your profit and minimize stress while running your restaurant.

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Curso para adminiustrar tu restaurante

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Buy our platform now! 30 lessons to minimize stress and maximize your profits. Perfect for those who want to open their first restaurant!

Software administrativo

In Profundiza we offer you


Leadership workshops, individual or in groups.



Online class platform for restaurateurs.



Key points and tools to open your first restaurant.



Administrative software as a fundamental tool for restaurateurs. It is not a POS System!



For restaurants on issues of menu costs, procedures, manuals, personnel, accounting, finances and personnel.

E-book Gratis

¡Abre las puertas de tu éxito! Fundamentos para un restaurante próspero


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Helping the community

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Fondo contacto profundiza
Fondo contacto profundiza

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REFUND POLICY: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know. We will refund up to 50% of the purchase price paid. Applicable tax is not refundable. If you return or cancel a DEEPER offering, you agree to uninstall and delete all copies of the software from your device(s).

Fundador de profundiza


Angel Jimenez-Gutierrez

Angel has been a successful entrepreneur in the area of Finance, Consulting, Hospitality, Automotive Aesthetics, Service and Construction. In the last 18 years he has kept his initiatives operating with magnificent results.

Angel, in addition to his undergraduate studies in Accounting, is a certified coach by the Innerland Institute, he has supported initiatives for young students and graduates of the College, as well as recently arrived immigrants to develop their personal and professional growth.

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