"It was hard to understand that I was the cause of my discontent, but when I managed to raise awareness of it, what became hard was not wanting to do something about it."

How do we do it?

IBC™  by Innerland   (www.innerland.com)  is a powefull leadership development methodology, designed to help individuals to reach the full potential and for organizations to help create and build high impact teams. We  do so through group workshops and individual sessions.

IBC™  by Innerland
   (www.innerland.com)  is designed to support clients in the process of identifying and transforming obstacles into clear and actionable opportunities.

Individual Sessions

We offer 1 on 1 sessions of 60 minutes to inquiry on different issues of stress in our community, pollitical uncertainty, fear, personal insecurity, passions, obstacles, confusion of love, stressing ideas, excecutive coaching, your current status on the company, feelings of lack of appreciation; to mention some examples.

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We create a comfortable space for you to open and deepen within yourself to reach more clarity in your life.

We offer you tools to develope your self-awareness and connect with your internal experience.

Imagine to work and perform from a space free of fear and tension, we specialize in methodologies that help you do so.


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Gabriela Ramírez-Arellano

Carlos Restrepo

Dalia Escamilla

Rodrigo De Velasco

Group Workshops

Organizations are paying more attention to the human experience of the team members. Finally, they are realizing the importance of resources and tools that their team can access to increase their self-awareness and promote a higher impact within their organizations and the world. It is paramount that current leaders commit to resources that develop the human experience of their personal. Sounds a bit complex, right? 


For organizational Workshops or Leadership development for groups we work together with the Innerland Institute to offer the most innovative technology, inquiry methodologies and visible results. Feel free to contact them directly at www.innerland.com   and download the following document for an interesting read of a  business study case.

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