“It was difficult to realize that I was the source of my discontent. But when I became aware of it, my life changed.”


What is Profundiza?

Profundiza was born from the commitment to sharing the experiences of the inquiry world and to promote individual and collective connection in personal and professional scope.

In that space an opportunity arises for both leaders and organizations. That is to create awareness of the way in which we typically connect with ourselves, peers, colleagues, and family.

Profundiza offers solutions through the use of inquiry methodologies and tools for leaders and groups of different organizations across all industries.  This allows them to understand the impact human emotions have in their personal and professional relationships.  At the same time, this will help promote the development of human minds so the employees are more compassionate and connected with their community, and ultimately, the world around them.

How do we do it?

Inquiry Base Coaching by innerland (www.innerland.com) is a leadership methodology designed to help individuals reach their maximum potential as well as assist organizations in building teams that are highly impactful.  We do this through group workshops and through individual sessions.

IBC by Innerland  is designed to help clients identify obstacles and transform those obstacles into opportunities.


To add self-awareness to any individual’s academic knowledge and credentials, provide leaders with the ability to face the present moment and to connect with any given situation and their teams from a space of profound clarity.

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1.- Individual sessions to inquire on obstacles with the use of IBC.  Our individual sessions conclude with a clarity that will facilitate decision making

2.- Individual or group workshops to delve deeper into subjects as:

Comunication – To understand what needs to happen prior to communication

Criticism – To understand the benefit of the obstacles we face when receiving and/or providing criticism.

Building Trust – To understand the concept of trust through the lense of language.

Service – To understand the opportunity we have when connecting with team members.

Mindfulness – To understand what it is exactly what promotes the abstraction of our mind.

3.- IBC Coach Certification throughout the Innerland Institute.

In this two year process, an individual works through the IBC methodology study to inquire on their own internal experience.  Upon completion, the individual possesses the experience required to share the methodology as well as to assist others in their own IBC experience.




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In My Experience

Sharing more than needed


According to the words of the founder

Why Profundiza becomes a thing?

Profundiza is born from a desire to share what benefited me in my personal and professional path.  As a small business owner, I spent years administrating my own establishments lacking the awareness of how my emotions impacted every day decisions.  This increased the stress level that already existed in my businesses.

The atmosphere in our establishments was frustrating, overwhelming, and harmful.  I was able to notice that as the leader of the organization, I was responsible for the negative aspects in this environment.

After a few years of self inquiry and investigation into my own worries, fears, frustrations, and preferences, I was able to find the source of my discontent which was my internal experience.

Fortunately the process was relatively simple and in just a little over 3 years, I found myself connected to our businesses and to our team members with more compassion and efficiency. That allowed me to bring the same knowledge and tools to our teams.

It was incredible to connect with each person’s individuality during that time.  I also enjoyed witnessing the decisions made by every team member.  Some left the organization, some continued trying. 

All in all, we were able to begin a new era in our small business with the remaining people.

For these reasons, I have dedicated myself to obtaining my certification as a Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.  I recently completed my certification of the IBC methodology of the Innerland Institute in Vancouver, Canada.  In 2017 I founded Profundiza to offer the same inquiry tools and methodologies that will promote personal and professional development of the human capital within different organizations of various industries.



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